European Commission The World Bank Kosovo Donors' Conference - Brussels, July 11, 2008

* Donors' Conference
Brussels, July 11, 2008

Representatives from 37 countries and 16 international organisations met in Brussels on 11 July 2008 for a Donor Conference in support of Kosovo’s socio-economic development. The meeting was convened by the European Commission and chaired by Director Mr Pierre Mirel. Mr. Ahmet Shala, Minister of economy and finance presented Kosovo's economic strategy and investment priorities.

Pledges were made for a total of over €1,2 billion euros. This meets Kosovo’s financing needs for socio-economic development as identified in the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (2008-2011), including the creation of a reserve for contingent liabilities. This success is even more evident as many donors can pledge only for 2008 and 2009.

Meeting Documents:

Agenda (pdf, 92 Kb, 1 page)

Medium Term Expenditure Framework 2009-2011, June 12, 2008, prepared by the Kosovo authorities (pdf, 814 Kb, 145 pages)

Kosovo - Assessment Letter to the European Commission, prepared by the IMF (pdf, 25 Kb, 5 pages)

Pledge Form (MS Word, 100 Kb, 3 pages)

Administrative Arrangements (pdf, 94Kb, 2 pages)

Press Release on the organisation of the Conference

Conclusions of the Chair (pdf, 27Kb, 2 pages)

Final Press Release (pdf, 22Kb, 1 page)

Speeches and Statements:

Speech by Mr. Olli Rehn, EU Commissioner for Enlargement: Matching political engagement with concrete contributions - Donors' Conference for Kosovo (36 kb, 4 pages)

Speech of Mr Joost Lagendijk, European Parliament rapporteur on Kosovo (39 kb, 3 pages)

Statement by the European Commission announcing their pledge (12kb, 1 page)

Statment by USAID Administrator Henrietta H. Fore
(21 kb, 7 pages)


Technical Background Papers:

Kosovo Donor's Conference Prospectus, prepared by the European Commission and the World Bank (pdf, 224Kb, 34 pages)

Principles on Aid Coordination, prepared by the Kosovo authorities (pdf, 58Kb, 3 pages)

Technical Background Paper on the Transport Sector (pdf, 578Kb, 30 pages)

Technical Background paper on the Social Sectors (pdf, 364Kb, 67 pages)

Technical Background Paper on the Rule of Law Sector (pdf, 224Kb, 23 pages)

Technical Background Paper on the Energy Sector (pdf, 1.2 Mb, 39 pages)

Financial Impact Assessment of Kosovo's Comprehensive Status Settlement (prepared by the Kosovo authorities, pdf, 256Kb, 32 pages. The inclusion of documents produced by the authorities of Kosovo in this website cannot be considered to be in any way an expression by the Commission or the World Bank on the status of Kosovo and, in particular, does not prejudge the recognition of Kosovo's declaration of independence by the Member States of the European Union)

Other Background Papers submitted by participating delegations:

Growth and Employment: A UK Framework for Policy Development in Kosovo, a discussion paper prepared by DFID, UK (pdf, 42kb, 9 pages)

Strengthening the Human Capital of Kosovo, Avenue to accelerated Human Dedevlopment, a discussion paper prepared by the UN Kosovo Team (pdf, 137kb, 13 pages)

*Under UNSCR 1244


1  This Conference is by invitation only and is a meeting of donor governments and international organizations. While it is not open to the public, information about the meeting will be made available on this website.



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