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The World Bank

World Bank Monthly Operational Summary, 
April 2008

The World Bank Monthly Operational Summary reports on the status of projects in the World Bank's pipeline--from the point of identification of investment opportunities to the signing of the loan or credit

Economic Management

((R) Second Development Policy: The objectives are to improve delivery of social services and promote private sector led growth. Decision meeting scheduled for 20 March 2008 Environmental Assessment Category C. US$ 10.0 (IDA). Consultants will be required. Ministry of Finance, Bul: Deshmoret e Kombit Nr.4, Tirana, Albania, Tel: (355-4) 267-654, Fax: (355-4) 227-937, Email:, Contact: Mimoza Dhembi, General Budget Director

Environment and Natural Resources Management

Butrint National Park Global Biodiversity and Heritage Conservation:
The objective is to (a) connecting biodiversity conservation and sustainable ecosystem management with conservation of world heritage in the Butrint aquatic and wetland complex, and (b) mobilizing donors' support for long-term financing of the park complex. Approved by the GEF CEO on 29 June 2007. Environmental Assessment Category C. PID: 85089. US$ 1.0 (GEF). No consultants are required. Butrint National Park, Office for Administration and Coordination to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Blvd. Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirana, Albania, Tel/Fax: (355-7) 324-600, E-mail:, Contact: Auron Tare, Director


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