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Star Strategy Paper 2002
Star Regular Reports 2002
The European Commission has prepared for the Member States annual reports on the progress of the candidate countries towards membership of the European Union every autumn since 1998. These reports provide the basis for decisions to be made by the Member States in the framework of the enlargement process. The reports are accompanied by a strategy paper that makes recommendations to the member states regarding these decisions. The reports this year are particularly significant, since the analysis they make enables the Commission finally to recommend that the accession negotiations be closed by the end of this year with a number of the candidates.

1. Strategy Paper 2002

Download full version here as pdf file in:







Download the strategy paper and all thirteen regular reports in one single zip-file:

2. Regular  Reports 2002 for each Candidate Country



  • Press Release
    -Towards the Enlarged Union - Commission recommends conclusion of negotiations with ten candidate countries

  • Speeches
    - Romano Prodi President of the European Commission Enlargement -- the final lap European Parliament Brussels, 9 October 2002
    - GŁnter Verheugen Member of the European Commission, responsible for Enlargement Strategy paper and progress reports European Parliament Brussels, 9 October 2002