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This page was archived on the 1st of May 2004.
The information concerning this ex candidate country has not been updated since that date.

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Country profile

Official name: Slovak Republic
Form of state: Parliamentary Republic
Population: 5.4  million inhabitants
Area: 49,035 km2
Density: 108 inhabitants per km2
Distribution: 56.9% urban; 43.7% rural
Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine
Ethnic profile: Slovak (85.8%), Hungarian (9.7%), Roma (1.7%) (according to other sources, could reach 10%), Czech (0.8%), Ruthenian (0.4%), Ukrainian (0.2%), German (0.1%), Polish (0.04%)
Languages:  Official: Slovak; other: Hungarian
Religion:  Roman Catholic (68.9%), Protestant (9.1%), Greek-Catholic (4.1%), Jewish (0.04%), Atheist (13%), unknown (3%)
Life expectancy:  68.4 years (male), 76.3 years (female) (1995)
Currency: Slovak crown (1=42,48 crowns) (Oct. 2001)

Overview of key documents related to enlargement

PDF format


Regular Report -November 5, 2003 208kb 453kb 237kb All
Regular Report -October 9, 2002 594kb 637kb 716kb All
Regular Report -  November 13, 2001 314kb 347kb 356kb All
Regular Report - November 8, 2000 431kb 466kb 482kb All
Progress Report - October 13, 1999 212kb 233kb 233kb All
Progress Report - November 1998 136kb 147kb 160kb All
Accession Partnership - November 13, 2001 pdf file
English 38kb

All countries

French 41kb
German 42kb
Accession Partnership - October 13, 1999 (revised February 2000) 
English pdf file  55kb

All countries

French pdf file  59kb
German pdf file  63kb
Opinion on Slovakia's Application for Membership of the European Union - July 1997


pdf file 503kb
German pdf file 763kb
Greek NA 
English pdf file 722kb
Spanish pdf file 501kb
Finnish pdf file 497kb
French pdf file 735kb
Italian pdf file 513kb
Dutch pdf file 534kb
Swedish pdf file 484kb

Press releases / News section

Interesting links