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The Treaty of Accession 2003 Enlargement
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of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia
Signed in Athens on 16 April, 2003


Table of contents

Treaty of Accession

  Art 1: acceding states, page 12
  Art 2: date of accession and procedure in case of non-accession, page 13
  Art 3: language provisions, page 15
Act of Accession
  Part One: Principles
  Part Two: Adjustments to the Treaties
    Title I: Institutional provisions
    Title II: Other adjustments
  Part Three: Permanent provisions
    Title I: Adaptations to acts adopted by the institutions (amendments to secondary law)
    Title II: Other provisions
  Part Four: Temporary provisions
    Title I: Transitional measures
    Title II: Other provisions
  Part Five: Provisions related to the implementation of this Act
    Title I: Setting up of the institutions and bodies
    Title II: Applicability of the acts of the institutions
    Title III: Final provisions
Annexes to the Act of Accession
Final Act
  I. Text of the Final Act
  II. Declarations by the Plenipotentiaries
  III. Other declarations
  IV. Exchange of Letters (Information and consultation procedure during the interim period preceding accession)

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