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December 2004


The chapter on « Other matters » is essentially a negotiating box in which a number of elements, which are largely uncontroversial but do not belong in other negotiating chapters, have been placed. Under the chapter "Other matters", the following issues were negotiated and agreed with Bulgaria and Romania:

  • Item1: Accession to the European Development Fund
  • Item2: Participation in and contribution to the Research Fund for Coal and Steel
  • Item 3: Subscription to the capital and foreign reserve assets of the European Central Bank
  • Item 4: Implementation and Management of rules for the implementation, after accession, of the three different pre-accession funds PHARE, ISPA and SAPARD in the new Member States
  • Item 5: Creation of a Transition Facility to assist Bulgaria and Romania to further develop and strengthen administrative and judicial capacity and foster exchange of best practice among peers. The total amount for the years 2007-2009 is € 82 million
  • Item 6: Arrangements for the Interim Period, that is to say the period between a "cut-off date"of 1 October 2004 and the date of accession during which new EU rules are not covered in the accession negotiations, but at the same time the acceding countries are not yet Member States
  • Item 7: Inclusion in the Accession Treaty of safeguard clauses: a general economic safeguard clause; a specific internal market safeguard clause; and a specific Justice and home affairs safeguard clause both with a three-year duration; a reinforced monitoring clause which would allow the Commission to propose postponement of accession by one year where there are serious difficulties with accession preparations.
  • Item 8: A temporary cash-flow and Schengen facility in favour of Bulgaria and Romania for the period 2007-2009 amounting to €239.5 million and €559.8 million respectively. This facility is designed to improve Bulgaria and Romanias cash-flow position, especially in the first year of accession, and to support these countries in their obligation to finance actions at the new external border of the Union for the implementation of the Schengen acquis and external border control
  • Item 9: Amendments to the Statute of the European Investment Bank in view of the accession of the Candidate Countries
  • Item 10: Legal basis for the management of funds to address the consequences of the closure and decommissioning of Units 1-4 of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant in Bulgaria


updated: 17/12/2004
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