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The member states of the European Union and the candidates for membership agreed in Copenhagen on 13 December 2002 on a package for the admission of ten new member states to the Union. The accession treaty was signed in Athens on April 16th 2003, and these new member states will join the EU on 1 May 2004, once the accession treaty is ratified.

I) Ratification process

No popular referenda are foreseen in the existing member states of the European Union on the accession treaty. Ratification follows the constitutional procedure in each member state.

Ratification in 9 of the 10 acceding countries follows popular referenda (see below ). Cyprus ratified the treaty according to its domestic procedures on 14th July 2003.

For the current state of the ratification of the treaty consult : treaty_ratification_130204.pdf ( PDF-file in french ; 36kB )

II) Referendum on EU Accession in Acceding Countries

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 Date Country

Yes    No

08.03.03 Malta accepted
23.03.03 Slovenia accepted
12.04.03 Hungary accepted
10-11.05.03 Lithuania accepted
16-17.05.03 Slovakia accepted
07-08.06.03 Poland accepted
13-14.06.03 Czech Republic accepted
14.09.03 Estonia accepted
20.09.03 Latvia accepted



Updated: 16/01/2004

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Parliament says YES to Enlargement

Report on the results of the negotiations
on the accession of
Cyprus, Malta, Hungary, Poland, the Slovak Republic,
Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovenia to the EU - January 2003