The European Agency for Reconstruction's information brochures are readable on this site, and available in hard copy on request.

For a more detailed description of the Agency and its work, read the latest of our activity reports to the European Parliament. These are published once every three months. Each report provides a summary of the Agency's most recent activities, followed by a more detailed description of all of its projects and programmes across the region.

The Agency generates press releases in its four main operational centres in Belgrade, Pristina, Podgorica and Skopje. There are also 'regional' press releases which are issued by the Agency's headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Agency publishes a bi-monthly newsletter that explains its work in depth, through a combination of news, interviews and feature stories.

You may also see a selection of the most recent speeches & articles covering the Agency's work and role in the region.

The document 'Communication guidelines: Visual and written identity for contractors and implementing partners' is designed for Agency contractors, to encourage them to promote awareness and understanding of their projects.

The Agency's legal basis is provided by (i) its own Council Regulation EC2667/2000, and (ii) that of the CARDS programme, Council Regulation EC2666/2000. These have subsequently been amended by Council Regulation EC2415/2001.

See also others' related publications.

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