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"Energy" Framework Programme (1998-2002)




Local and regional energy management agencies 








SYNERGY is a co-operation programme managed by the Directorate General for Energy and Transport (DG TREN) of the European Commission. It finances co-operation activities with non EU countries in the field of the formulation and implementation of energy policy to the mutual benefit of all parties concerned. The European Union (EU) became involved in energy related co-operation projects following the oil crises in the 1980s, with the "EC International Energy Co-operation Programme", which has evolved into today's "SYNERGY" programme.

Synergy is the international co-operation component of the "Energy Framework Programme" which runs from 1998 to 2002

The objectives of the SYNERGY programme are in line with those set out in the White Paper "An energy policy for the European Union". SYNERGY should therefore improve the competitiveness of Community industries, enhance the security of supply, promote sustainable development and improve energy efficiency. According to the new Guidelines for the Synergy programme, which have been published in the Official Journal of 5.5.01 (L125/24), the implemetation of the programme will refocus on activities related to security of supply and implementation of the Kyoto protocol.

Unlike other EU programmes that are of a more general nature and include energy as one of several aims, SYNERGY is a specific energy policy programme covering the external dimension of EU actions in the energy policy sector. As it is not an assistance but a cooperation programme, SYNERGY's projects are carried out following action taken by European organisations and the European Commission.

Actions supported

  • Advice and training in energy policy
  • Analysis and forecasting in energy matters
  • Closer dialogue and exchanges of information on energy policy, notably through the of organisation of conferences  and seminars
  • Support to regional transboundary co-operation
  • Improving the framework for industrial energy co-operation

No funding may be granted to investment or research, development and demonstration projects.

Examples of projects financed by SYNERGY

  • Regional action plan for "Energy and urban environment in the Mediterranean"
  • Haifa conference on energy co-operation in the Middle East
  • Study on the refining sector in the Mediterranean
  • Energy policy dialogue with the Mediterranean partners
  • Co-operation with the Palestinian institutions in the energy sector
  • Conference on energy investment and networks in the Mediterranean
  • Study on the legal and institutional investment framework for the European energy industry in Southern   and South-east Mediterranean
  • Study on the political risk guarantee of European investments in the energy sector in the Republics       of  the former Soviet Union
  • Industrial co-operation between Russia and the European Community in the energy sector
  • The activities of the Black Sea Regional Energy Centre
  • Balkan Energy Interconnection Task Force
  • Renewable energy sources around the Baltic Sea
  • Study of the consequences for the energy sector of accession to the EU of Central and Eastern European countries
  • Baltic Sea Energy Task Force
  • Training of Chinese engineers and decision makers on energy management and energy efficiency
  • China EU energy co-operation Conferences
  • Contribution to the restructuring of the Chinese coal sector
  • Evaluation of the potential for gas in the Philippines
  • European industrialists' mission to the ASEAN region
  • ASEAN electricity interconnection and deregulation round tables
  • Market study of efficient energy use in Chile and definition of an access strategy for European companies
  • Caracas conference on strengthening energy co-operation between the European Union and Latin America
  • Visit to the Mercosur of a delegation of members of Parliament and of European energy sector industrialists
  • Promotion of Energy Services Company (ESCOs) in Latin America
  • Creation of a network of experts in rural electrification in Africa
  • Identification of energy co-operation projects between the European Community and the countries of southern Africa.
  • Training of energy sector officials in third countries
  • Development of an international energy co-operation data base


SYNERGY Programme
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