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CONCERTO Information Day

The aim of the event is to explain the CONCERTO Initiative, to give a detailed overview of the call for proposals 2008, and to offer potential proposers an opportunity to meet, find new partners and discuss. The present call has to be considered as part of the overall CONCERTO initiative that is already supporting 46 communities in line with the RTD Framework Programme. Successful proposals will benefit from a high level of exposure resulting from being part of the well known and established CONCERTO brand image. The Commission will explain the required science and technological excellence content of the projects, the political context, and address in particular the following points:

  • lessons learned in the past, typical problems encountered by past proposers and running projects

  • new or different requirements as compared to the past calls for proposals

  • how to address the multinational characters of proposals (International cooperation).

  • Ideal consortia composition, contractual and legal issues, consortia agreement, etc.

  • How to differentiate between the required innovative character and (non-eligible) subsidy for construction

  • Clear definitions of what is innovation, excellence and systems integration

  • The Building energy specification sheets and Community data sheets (BEST and CDS) will be presented and explained

  • The minimum requirements of 30% better than national legislation will be explained in details

  • Eligible costs, ideal budget distributions, how much demonstration, how much research, how much dissemination

  • Ideal cooperation between all CONCERTO communities and cities; CONCERTO PLUS, its tasks and services will be presented; common dissemination, standardised data collection and technical monitoring will be presented

The key target audience of the CONCERTO Initiative are local and regional authorities (and their representatives), utilities, energy service providers, energy agencies, technology providers, energy research and analysis teams, socio-economists and energy users; they are particularly invited to attend this information day. Participation by communities in the new Member States is particularly encouraged.


Friday, 4 April 2008
Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi, 170 1040 Brussels

The deadline for submitting registration form is 21 March 2008


last update: 16-07-2008