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20% renewable energy by 2020


Renewable Energy Sectors

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Wind Energy

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The European Wind Energy Technology Platform (TPWIND)

Wind Energy :  Presentations - Publications

The market for European wind power capacity broke new records in 2006 

The market for European wind power capacity broke new records in 2006, according to the annual statistics issued by the European Wind Energy Association. 7,588 MW of wind power capacity, worth some 9 billion, was installed last year in the EU, an increase of 23% compared to 2005. The cumulative wind power capacity operating in the EU increased by 19% and now exceeds 48,000 MW. In an average wind year this will produce approximately 100 TWh of electricity, equal to 3.3% of total EU electricity consumption. For more details and information see:



Large scale integration of wind energy in the European power supply:analysis, issues and recommendations
December 2005


European Wind Energy at the dawn of the 21st century
Research funded under the Fifth Framework Programme
October 2005

European Commission
Wind Power Targets for Europe:
75.000 MW by 2010

October 2003

Offshore Wind Energy Conference
Presentation - Brussels - December 2001  

European Commission


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