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20% renewable energy by 2020


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EU Progress in developing renewable energy
PROGRESS promotion and growth of renewable energy sources and systems
  Final report
Country profiles
March 2008
OPTRES assessment of renewable electricity support schemes
  Final report
February 2007
Renewables make the difference (brochure) January 2008
European Photovoltaic RTD and Demonstration Programme
European Photovoltaic Conference in Milan (3-7 september 2007)
To accelerate the development, demonstration and market introduction of ever better Photovoltaic systems, the European Commission is combining an intense legislative initiative with a strong research and demonstration effort and a specific support to promotion and dissemination initiatives
Concentrating Solar Power: from research to implementation 
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Energy RTD Framework Programme – "Success Stories"

Brochure "Promoting biofuels in Europe"
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Brochure "Electricity from renewable energy sources - Encouraging green electricity in Europe"
  (1.080 KB)
Leaflet Intelligent Energy-Europe



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