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FP6 Demonstration Projects

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Wind Energy

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Development of a new principle 3 MW direct drive generator and wind turbine (2005)
Self Installing Wind Turbine (2005)
Distant Offshore Windfarms with No Visual Impact in Deepwater (2003)
The objective of the ongoing Integrated Project DOWNVInD is to develop and prove the techniques, technologies(with innovative components, especially foundations
)and processes that will enable cost effective installation and operation of large capacity windfarms offshore in deep water.
The largest offshore wind turbine in the world is now in position in the North Sea. The 5 MW machine is the first wind turbine in international waters, the furthest from shore, the biggest and in the deepest water
For more information : Web site BBC
Hogsara island demonstration project (2003)
The project aims at adapting wind turbine generator to the conditions of a small island and weak grid conditions by means of the installation of 3 turbines.
Standardization of Ice Forces on Offshore Structures Design (2003)
Based on previous research, the project strives at realising new world standards for loads from sea ice on offshore wind turbines and other off shore structures.


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