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20% renewable energy by 2020




  • Bioenergy Installations
    Workshop on "Benchmarking and guidelines for streamlined authorisation processes for bioenergy installations" Brussels 10-13 June 2008

             EC - CEN , 27-28 February 2007 , EC Charlemagne Building, Brussels

            29 January-2 February 2007

  • European Photovoltaic Conference - Dresden (4-8 Sept 2006)
    To accelerate the development, demonstration and market introduction of a new generation of PV systems, the European Commission is combining an intense legislative initiative with a strong research and demonstration effort.

  •  DG TREN (European Commission in cooperation with the European Wind Energy Association and ETSO (European Transmission System Operators) are pleased to announce a policy conference on Large Scale Integration of Wind Energy, 7 - 8 November 2006, in Brussels.

    Wind power today covers 2.8% of European electricity consumption. One of the core challenges for wind power to contribute to the European energy supply at a penetration level comparable to that of conventional power sources is how to effectively integrate significant amounts of wind power into European electricity systems.

    Last year, the European Commission (DG TREN) initiated a process addressing the issue of integrating wind power into the European power infrastructure. A series of informal meetings were held between representatives of the European Commission, the European Transmission System Operators (ETSO), national governments and the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). The objective of these meetings was to identify key issues and to reach a common understanding of the issues and challenges between decision makers, transmission companies, national governments and the industry.

    This joint EWEA / EC / ETSO conference is designed to continue the dialogue, facilitate collaboration and address the key issues during 2 days of presentations, discussion and debate.

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  • CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER : Towards the 7th European RTD Framework Programme
    Consultative Seminar - European Commission, Brussels, 27 June 2006

             Agenda and Presentations

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