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The EU Biomass Action Plan (BAP) of December 2005 identified 32 key activities for boosting the bioenergy market (COM(2005)628final). One of these key actions stated that “the Commission will encourage Member States to establish national biomass action plans (nBAPs)”. Such nBAPs could deal with the removal of primarily national bottlenecks and by that means supplement and strengthen the BAP.

The Council of the European Union of 08-09 June 2006 in its conclusions clearly endorsed the BAP and particularly “invited Member States to develop or update national BAPs in response to the present conclusions”. The Council summit of 08/09 March 2007 in its conclusions endorsed novel strong targets for the RES sector for 2020; meeting them will require further strong market deployment of bioenergy in all sectors.

Initiated by DG-TREN, a first meeting on national biomass action plans took place on 06 July 2006 in Brussels. The meeting’s objective was to offer MS and ACC representatives a discussion platform so that they could exchange views and valuable experiences about nBAPs amongst each other.
33 experts from 24 Member States plus Croatia patrticipated. The Commission was present with representatives from DG-AGRI, DG-ENV, DG-ENTR, and DG-TREN.

A second follow-up meeting took place on 13 March 2007 in Brussels. Participation was strong again: 25 experts and respresentatives from 22 Member States plus Croatia, the President of the Energy Council as well as Commission representatives from DG-ENV, DG-AGRI, DG-ENTR and DG-TREN actively participated.

For further information on these meetings and supplementary information on national biomass action plans please consult the following specific web-pages:

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