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|External Stakeholders Group meeting 04/03/2005

1st External Stakeholders Group Meeting 04/03/2005

The External Stakeholders Group meeting with about 78 participants took place on 04.03.2005. The minutes of the meeting and an analysis of a questionnaire on the major drivers for Bioenergy will be made available soon.

Minutes of the Meeting
Results of the Questionnaire on the Possible Actions to Promote Bioenergy Market Development in the European Union

Common Agricultural Policy - Perspectives for Biomass Production
DG Agriculture

EU Forests for Renewable Energy to mitigate Climate Change
DG Environment

EU cohesion policy 2007-13 and the role of energy in regional development
DG Regional Policy

Prospects of Bioheating in the EU
DG Joint Research Centre-Energy Institute

Forest-based Industries-Input for the Biomass Action Plan
DG Enterprise and industry
Biomass Action Plan - Discussion
DG Energy and Transport
Biomass Action Plan - Basic structure & preliminary ideas
DG Energy and Transport
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