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20% renewable energy by 2020


European Conference for Renewable Energy

‘Intelligent Policy Options’, Berlin, 19-21 January 2004

Under the High Patronage of:

Loyola de Palacio, Vice-President of the European Commission

Jürgen Trittin, German Federal Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety


The European Commission organised a high-level conference for renewable energy in Berlin from 19th to 21st January. 650 participants from 45 countries debated for three days on crucial issues for renewable energies to progress, regulatory frameworks, dissemination, support schemes,target setting, level-playing fields & international co-operation. The Conference was also part of the Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition (JREC) roadmap of the regional initiatives that will lead to the World Renewable Energy Conference in Bonn, renewables2004, June 2004.

The Conference has been the opportunity for a large and deep debate with stakeholders on the main issues and challenges the Renewable Energy sector could face in the short, medium and long-term. The ‘Chair Conclusions and Recommendations’ from Berlin to the World Renewable Energy Conference ‘renewables2004’ (Bonn, June 2004) were endorsed by the Conference.


Full video-recordings from the conference are now available on the ManagEnergy website, including presentations, interviews and slides.


 Conference Conclusions:

Chair Conclusions and recommendations:

 Important Documents:


Award Ceremony of the 2003 Competition Round and Closing Ceremony of the Campaign for Take-Off 1999-2003


In collaboration with: European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES), International Scientific Council for Island Development (INSULA), German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany, Berlin Energy Agency.



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