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EC Bioenergy Contractors Conference

The objectives of this Conference were to discuss on the technological progress achieved by the implementation of the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes of the European Commission and identify interesting topics for the remaining calls of FP7.

The Conference had 3 introductory sessions addressing the European Union’s Programmes on Bioenergy, International cooperation and International activities on bioenergy and biofuels as well as 6 technical sessions on Promotion and horizontal issues for biofuels; Gasification technologies; Combustion, cofiring and CHP technologies; Biogas technologies; Biorefinery technologies and Biofuels technologies. Each of the technical session had research projects and demonstration projects managed respectively by DG RTD and DG TREN and was followed by a Discussion and Concluding remarks by a Rapporteur.

The selection of the projects for oral presentation was based on their content so that a general overview could be given to the participants.

Presentations and summaries of the projects and technical sessions are available: