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International Conference on Biofuels Standards

27-28 February 2007

The conference was organised in cooperation with the US Mission to the European Union, the US Department of Commerce and the Mission of Brazil to the EU.

The conference was sponsored by the European Commission DG TREN, the European Committee for Standardization CEN, the European Biodiesel Board EBB, and the European Fuel Oxygenates Association, EFOA.

The presentations on "Informative symposium on fuels standards and regulations" was followed by a discussion workshop.

The goal of the workshop was to solicit recommendations from industry experts on the development of a roadmap on international biofuels standards to be put forward to policy makers and to provide a collaborative workshop for international government and industry experts on the advancement of worldwide biofuels specifications. In addition, to facilitate discussions among the various standardisation bodies on biofuel specifications.