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European Advanced Biofuels Flight path Initiative

In 2011, the European Commission (EC) services, in close coordination with Airbus, leading European airlines (Lufthansa, Air France/KLM, & British Airways) and key European biofuel producers (Choren Industries, Neste Oil, Biomass Technology Group and UOP), have launched an exciting new industry wide initiative to speed up the commercialisation of aviation biofuels in Europe.

The "European Advanced Biofuels Flight path" initiative is a roadmap with clear milestones to achieve an annual production of two million tonnes of sustainably produced biofuel for aviation by 2020.

The "Biofuels Flight path" is a shared and voluntary commitment by its members to support and promote the production, storage and distribution of sustainably produced drop-in biofuels for use in aviation. It also targets establishing appropriate financial mechanisms to support the construction of industrial "first of a kind" advanced biofuel production plants.

The "Biofuels Flight path" is explained in a technical paper, which sets out in more detail the challenges and required actions. The key findings of the technical paper were presented to the stakeholders during a workshop held in Brussels on 18 May 2011.

In August 2013 the Core Team of the Biofuels FlightPath Initiative updated the Technical Paper with new information.