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Fossil Fuels Forum - Plenary Meetings

The 8th plenary session of the European Fossil Fuels Forum took place in Berlin on 11-12 October 2012. It covered key subjects related to fossil fuels in the context of EU energy policies. Detailed information including the agenda, proceedings and the Fossil Fuels Forum's conclusions can be found below.
The Forum is an initiative of the Commission and holds its plenary meeting on an annual basis in Berlin, where it is hosted by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology. 

Conclusions and presentations

In its eight plenary, the Berlin Forum on Fossil Fuels continued to serve as a platform for a structured dialogue between the Commission and the stakeholder community on issues related to fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels in the EU's energy mix, safety of offshore operations, CO2 capture and storage, and good practices in indigenous fossil fuels.

Offshore safety, fossil fuels in a decarbonised economy, indigenous fossil fuels and CO2 capture and storage.

Issues relating to security of supply, particularly in oil and gas, indigenous fossil fuel production as well as sustainable use of fossil fuels were discussed.

The role of fossil fuels with respect to climate change, incoming second Strategic European Energy Review and the policy initiatives being prepared in the context of this document

The role of fossil fuels with respect to climate change, security of supply in fossil fuels and the external dimension of energy policy

Focus: Security of supply of fossil fuels and other issues related to the European Commission's recent Green paper on a "European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy"

Exchange of views on the security of supply of fossil fuels and opening stakeholders’ consultation process on possible measures to be taken in the oil sector to help realise the Commission's vision of sustainable, competitive and secure energy for Europe.