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|First Plenary Meeting (October 2005)

|Second Plenary Meeting (October 2006)

|Third Plenary Meeting (October 2007)

|Fourth plenary meeting (October 2008)

Third Plenary Meeting (October 2007)

After another year of intensive and fruitful discussions within the framework of the working groups, the third plenary session of the Fossil Fuels Forum (the Berlin Forum) took place in Berlin on 8-9 October 2007. During the plenary session, three particularly current topics were covered: the role of fossil fuels with respect to climate change, security of supply in fossil fuels and the external dimension of energy policy.

Press release, IP/07/1456, 08/10/2007
A greener future for fossil fuels: 3rd Fossil Fuels Forum launches debate in Berlin

Conclusions of the Chair


Proceedings (full text of individual presentations and speeches)

  • Inauguration of the Forum
Opening Address of Mr Matthias Ruete, Director-General, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
Opening Speech of Mr Joachim Wuermeling, German Secretary of State for Economics and Technology (Ms Dagmar G. Wöhrl)
  • Session 1: Fossil Fuels and Climate Change
Presentation by Mr Jan Panek, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
Presentation by Mr Scott Brockett, Directorate-General Environment
Presentation by Mr Reinhardt Hassa, Vattenfall Europe AG
Presentation by Mr Marten de Hoog, Rotterdam Climate Initiative
  • Session 2: Strengthening EU Security of Supply in Fossil Fuels
Presentation by Mr Klaus-Dietmar Jacoby, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
Presentation by Mr Didier Houssin, International Energy Agency
Presentation by Ms Beate Raabe, International Association of Oil and Gas Producers
Presentation by Mr Klaus-Dieter Beck, OKD, a.s.
  • Session 3: External Dimension of the EU Energy Policy
Presentation by Mr Michael Grossmann, Atos Consulting
Presentation by Mr Heinz Hilbrecht, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
Presentation by Mr Jean-Marie Devos, Eurogas
  • Closing Session
Conclusions of the Chair



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