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|First Plenary Meeting (October 2005)

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First Plenary Meeting (Octobre 2005)

At the initiative of the European Commission, the Forum on Fossil Fuels gathered together for the first time the Commission, and Member States representatives, stakeholders and energy experts. This first session allowed an initial exchange of views and analysis of the prospects of the security of supply of fossil fuels. The Forum was opened by Andris Piebalgs, Commissioner for Energy, and its host, the German State Secretary of Economy, Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch. The Forum is now an annual structured dialogue with oil, gas and solid fuels industries. These meetings in Berlin have opened a stakeholders’ consultation process on possible measures to be taken in the oil sector to help realise the Commission's vision of sustainable, competitive and secure energy for Europe.

Press release, IP/05/1301, 18/10/2005
European Commission organises first Forum on Fossil Fuels in Berlin on 19-20 October 2005

Conclusions of the Chair


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Conclusions of the Chair



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