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Open Workshop on Energy Markets Observation

20 October 2009 – 9.00-13.00

Centre de Conférences Albert Borschette (CCAB)

Rue Froissart, 36 - Meeting room 3A, 1040 Brussels

This workshop aims at discussing the widening of the scope of the reports produced by the Market Observatory for Energy (MOE). Methodological aspects as well as possible data sources for the MOE will be at the core of the discussions.The workshop is open to all interested market players, in particular market observers and commentators, data providers, energy economists, public authorities, regulators, power exchanges, energy traders and research institutes.

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Tentative Agenda
Session 1          (9.15-9.30)
The Market Observatory for Energy: currrent and future activities

The Market Observatory for Energy of the European Commission has been active since the beginning of 2008. Its aim is to provide up to date energy related information to policy makers to foster evidence based policy making. The MOE analyses market developments with a view to assessing whether existing policy aims have been met or need adjustment. The MOE also produces regular publications such as quarterly reports on European electricity and gas markets. Additionally, it is involved in researching and reporting on cross-sectoral issues such as energy price volatility and investment trends. A brief overview of the MOE's activities in 2009 and 2010 will be presented during the welcome session of the workshop.

Session 2          (9.30-10.45)  
Observing the Functioning and Integration of European Energy Markets (EU, EFTA, and Energy Community countries)

On the basis of its experience in the production of quarterly reports on European electricity and gas markets, the MOE invites interested parties to take part in a discussion concerning data availability in relation to issues such as:

•      Physical Cross-Border Flows

•      Wholesale Market developments

–      Spot and Derivative products (Prices & Volumes)

–      OTC (including Bilateral)

–      Market Liquidity

•      Retail Market developments

•      Weather Forecasts (wind, sun, precipitations)

•      Renewable Energy Sources: price developments, new commodities, etc.

•      Carbon Market developments

•      International Oil and Coal market developments


Coffee Break       (10.45 – 11.00)


Session 3          (11.00 - 12.15)
Observing the Supply and Transit of Energy to European consumers

The MOE will become more active in the future concerning the monitoring of  the security of supply in relation to various energy sources, including their exploration and transport from and through third countries. It invites interested parties to take part in a discussion on data availability in relation to issues such as:

•      Oil, Gas and Coal Resources and Reserves

•      Upstream and midstream infrastructure

•      Possible indicators in relation to security of supply

Session 4          (12.15-13.00)
Other Market Observation Issues

A number of interesting aspects are currently not covered by the MOE either because of unavailability of data or methodological problems. For instance, there is hardly any information on the (measured) impact of smart meters; energy efficiency data and indicators also bring clear challenges. This and other topics to be raised by participants will be discussed in the last session of the workshop.

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