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  • 2011 - Energy markets in the EUAll available translations. pdf
    This publication presents the Commission Staff Working Document SWD(2012) 368 final of 15 November 2012 accompanying the Communication ‘Making the internal energy market work’ (COM(2012) 663 final). This Staff Working Document contains important background information relevant to the Communication on the Internal Energy Market ‘Making Energy Markets Work’.
  • 2010 - Energy markets in the EU zip - 52 MB [52 MB]  
    The report provides a description of the evolution of oil, gas and electricity markets in the EU and presents the energy profiles of important energy trading partners for the EU.
  • 2009 - Europe’s energy position - markets & supply pdf - 10 MB [10 MB]  
    The report analyses the energy market developments (oil, gas and electricity) over the period 2008-2009 which was marked by the global financial and economic crisis. It also analyses the situation concerning important energy supplier and transit countries and puts the emphasis on investment in new renewable energy production capacities.
  • 2008 - Europe’s energy position - present & future  pdf - 6 MB [6 MB]  
    The report analyses EU energy demand up to 2020, EU/EEA resources and reserves of energy sources and investment in power generation capacities required in the EU to meet future energy demand and the climate change targets.