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Nuclear energy

Nuclear installations

The Commission wishes to define basic obligations and general principles for nuclear safety together with monitoring mechanisms to protect the general public and workers against the dangers of ionising radiation from nuclear installations. These measures are intended to enable the enlarged European Union (EU) to deal with the risks associated with radioactive materials more effectively.

Each Member State will have to establish a safety authority, which must act fully independently. Each such authority will grant licences and monitor application of the regulations on siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation or decommissioning of installations. Primary responsibility for the safety of a nuclear installation resides with the holder of the permit issued by the safety authority.

Decommissioning demands enormous financial resources. In this regard, Member States must guarantee that sufficient financial resources are available to meet the safety needs of nuclear facilities during their entire lifetime. These resources must be managed and used in such a manner as to guarantee that sufficient funds are available under all circumstances, including for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.