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Nuclear Issues 

Response from Directorate general for Energy and Transport to all correspondance concerning the completion of Units 3 and 4 of Mochovche nuclear power plant in Slovakia


European Nuclear Energy Forum

- Bratislava-Prague forum
2nd meeting
22 & 23 May 2008, Prague

Public consultations

Nuclear Safety

Eurobarometer, February 2007
Europeans and nuclear safety

European Governance in nuclear issues

Radioactive Waste

Eurobarometer, June 2008
Radioactive waste

Press release

Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations

Radiation Protection

Transport of Radioactive Material

Nuclear Safeguards

EURATOM Supply Agency

Publications and Reports



Radiation Protection



|Verification Issues

|Article 31 - Group of Experts

|Emergency Preparedness

|Conferences & Meetings




|Scientific Seminars

MARTIR Project
Multimedia & Audio-visual
Radiation Protection Training
in Interventional Radiology.
Radiation Protection 119
Download the CD-Rom content (282.830 KB)

Conferences and Meetings

  • Representatives Meeting Articles 35 and 36 of the Euratom Treaty
    held in Luxembourg, 13/14 November 2003

    Under the terms of Article 36 of the Euratom Treaty, Member States shall periodically communicate to the Commission information on environmental radioactivity levels. Compilations of the information received have been published by the Commission as a series of reports. The current report is the 3st in the series and covers the year 2001.
    The draft report is available at the REM website of the JRC in Ispra 


  • The International Symposium on Practical Implementation of Clinical Audit for Medical Exposure - supported by the EC -  held on 24-27 May 2003 in Tampere, Finland
  • Environmental Radioactivity – Stakeholders’ Conference (130 KB). The International Stakeholders’ Conference on Approaches to the Management of Environmental Radioactivity took place in Luxembourg on 2 and 3 December 2002. The conference addressed representatives of the general society and of science and discussed the present approaches regarding environmental radioactivity, both from a scientific perspective and from a public acceptance point of view.
    Download the Proceedings (2.3 MB)  17/10/2003
  • Exposure in the name of the Law  (800 KB) This International Symposium on medico-legal exposures with ionising radiation was held in Dublin, Ireland from 4-6 September 2002. 


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