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Euratom Treaty

Chapter III Health and Safety of the Euratom Treaty offers the legal framework for the establishment of Euratom Basic Safety Standards (BSS) for the health protection of the workers and the general public. The first Euratom BSS date back to 1959 and the latest update was in 2013 (Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM). The latest Euratom BSS replaces the "Medical Exposure Directive", Council Directive 97/43/Euratom.



The Commission also issues documents of non-binding nature, which have different status in the hierarchy of EU-instruments and include e.g. recommendations and communications. In August 2010 the European Commission adopted a Communication to the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament on medical applications of ionizing radiation and security of supply of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine COM(2010)423 (Working Document to the Communication SEC(2010)974 pdf ). The Communication is focused on two problem areas, the radiation protection of patients and staff and the supply of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine. The document provides an overview of the main challenges and the Community action undertaken so far and aims at stimulating discussion in the European Union on the necessary further action and allocation of resources and responsibilities. The scope and coverage of COM(2010)423 is not restricted to the Euratom Treaty but expands also to other EU policy areas, e.g. the European legal framework on medical devices and European policies for research and innovation.