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Emergency Preparedness and Response

The responsibilities of the European Commission with regard to radiological emergency preparedness and response, in addition to the requirements of the Basic Safety Standards, are laid down in Council Decision 87/600/EURATOM on urgent information exchange in case of a radiological emergency. The Commission has further responsibilities with regard to the placing on the market of food and feedingstuffs in case of a nuclear accident (specific legislation applies to the import of food from third countries affected by the Chernobyl accident).

ECURIE (European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange) system is the technical implementation of the Council Decision 87/600/EURATOM on Community arrangements for the early notification and exchange of information in the event of a radiological or nuclear emergency. This Council Decision requires from the ECURIE Member States that they promptly notify the European Commission if they decide to take counter-measures in order to protect their population against the effects of a radiological or nuclear accident. The Commission will immediately make this notification available to all Member States. For more information please visit ECURIE (European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange).

EURDEP (European Radiological Data Exchange Platform) makes radiological monitoring data from most European countries available in almost real-time. EURDEP is both a standard data-format for radiological data and a network for automatic exchange of monitoring data. The EURDEP network is currently used by 33 European countries. Participation of the EU Member States is regulated by the Council Decision 87/600 and the Recommendation 2000/473/EURATOM. EURDEP system is open for participation also by non-EU countries. Countries sending their national data have access to the data of all other participating countries. Participating to EURDEP automatically means that data delivery will continue during an emergency with a higher data transmission frequency. For more information, please visit EURDEP (EUropean Radiological Data Exchange Platform).

In addition to maintaining information exchange systems, the Commission can facilitate urgent audio conferencing among EU Member States during an emergency situation in order to achieve a harmonized European approach to the management of the emergency.