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Article 31 - Group of experts

It is laid down in Article 31 of the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (the "Euratom Treaty") that a Group of scientific experts shall be attached to the Commission and shall have advisory status.

By virtue of the very high standing of its members, and their qualification in the fields of radiation protection and public health, the Group of scientific experts referred to in Article 31 of the Euratom Treaty (the "Group") is called upon to assume the all-important function of adviser to the Commission on preparing the basic standards to be established by the latter. Moreover, the Treaty itself requires the Commission to consult the Group when revising and supplementing the basic standards for the protection of the health of workers and the general public against the dangers arising from ionising radiation (Articles 31 and 32 of the Euratom Treaty). Thus, when putting forward proposals concerning the basic standards, the Commission convenes the Group so that it may formally obtain an expert opinion to enable it to guide its decisions and make the requisite choices. Such decisions are collectively given by the Group whose members, each being appointed on a personal basis, speak on their own behalf and act independently of all external influence.

The Commission may convene the Group not only on the occasions specifically laid down in the Treaty, but also whenever it considers such action to be necessary. A schedule of at least two meetings a year should permit the Commission to keep up a fruitful dialogue with the Group, whilst periodically requesting exchanges of view and guidance on any major problem affecting radiation protection. If necessary, additional meetings can be held or matters can be dealt in written procedure.

The members of the Group are appointed for a term of five years, renewable, by the Scientific and Technical Committee set up in compliance with Article 134 of the Treaty. The Group has adopted the following Rules of Procedure pdf - 48 KB [48 KB]