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Nuclear energy

Working group "Risks"

As a follow-up action of the inaugural conference of the European Nuclear Energy Forum in Bratislava on 26-27 November 2007, the Working Group "Risks" has been established.

Headed by Mr. Noel Camarcat, Special Advisor for Nuclear R&D and International Issues at EDF (France), this working group discusses the following issues:

1. Establishing EU legislation on nuclear safety and waste management, based on common fundamental safety principles for nuclear installations, as well as reinforcing the credibility of the international non-proliferation regime

2. Implementing nuclear waste management plans

3. Ensuring sufficient qualified human resources in the nuclear field

All related documents are attached below.

In the meantime, four sub-working groups have been set up:

Nuclear Installation Safety (Chair: Bernard Fourest, NUC SAFE Consulting)

Waste Management (Chair: Dr. Hans Codée, COVRA)

Education and Training (Chair: Christian Wößner, E.ON)

Non-proliferation (Chair: Theo Peters, Dutch Government)

Next meeting: Brussels, 21 March 2014

Publications issued in the Plenary meeting, Prague 2011: