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Nuclear energy

Working Group Opportunities

  • Next meeting: Brussels, 22 May 2014

As a follow-up action of the inaugural conference of the European Nuclear Energy Forum in Bratislava on 26-27 November 2007, the Working Group "Opportunities" has been established.

Headed by Mr Jean-Pol Poncelet, Director for sustainable development of Areva (France), this working group focuses on the following issues:

  1. Translation of costs of nuclear energy into electricity prices for the final consumer
  2. Establishing a roadmap for the development and responsible use of nuclear in Europe, covering in particular legal and financial aspects
  3. Exploring new fields of application of nuclear energy, beyond electricity generation, in particular the desalinisation of sea water and hydrogen production for cars.

In the meantime, four sub-working groups have been set up:

  • Competitiveness (Chair: Didier Beutier, Areva)
  • Financing models (Chair: Ronald Blasko, ENEL)
  • Legal roadmap (Co-chairmen: Marc Beyens, Electrabel, and Christian Raetzke, CONLAR)
  • Smart grids (Chair: Per Hallberg, Vattenfall)