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Nuclear Issues 

Response from Directorate general for Energy and Transport to all correspondance concerning the completion of Units 3 and 4 of Mochovche nuclear power plant in Slovakia


European Nuclear Energy Forum

- Bratislava-Prague forum
2nd meeting
22 & 23 May 2008, Prague

Public consultations

Nuclear Safety

Eurobarometer, February 2007
Europeans and nuclear safety

European Governance in nuclear issues

Radioactive Waste

Eurobarometer, June 2008
Radioactive waste

Press release

Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations

Radiation Protection

Transport of Radioactive Material

Nuclear Safeguards

EURATOM Supply Agency

Publications and Reports



European Nuclear Energy Forum


|Bratislava-Prague forum

|Reference documents

Nuclear EU reference documents

  Nuclear and non nuclear countries launch first meeting of the new High Level Group on Safety and Waste Management
IP/2007/1491, 12/10/2007
  New forum established for sustainable nuclear energy research
IP/2007/1370, 21/09/2007
pdf Welcome address President Barroso
pdf Presidency Conclusions of the Brussels European Council
8/9 March 2007
  A European approach to nuclear power, safety and security
MEMO/07/10 , 10/01/2007

Nuclear illustrative programme COM(2006)844

pdf Annex 1   pdf Annex 2

pdf An Energy Policy for Europe
pdf An Energy Policy for Europe - the need for action


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