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Proposal for new requirements on natural radiation sources in Basic Safety Standards Directive

Consultation period: 02/02/2009 - 20/04/2009

Objectives of the consultation

The Basic Safety Standards Directive (96/29/Euratom) is presently being revised as a part of a recasting procedure which aims at merging five Euratom Directives into one. 


To enhance transparency and stakeholder involvement the Commission Services would like to give access to the public to part of the work. The first building block ready to be published is on the management of natural radiation sources. The considerations and requirements proposed by the Commission Services are described in the attached document.

We would appreciate to hear from different stakeholders, not only on the impacts for regulatory bodies or industries, but also on the rationale of the proposed approach and on its adequacy.

Please forward your comments to before 20 April 2009.

We look forward to receiving your comments.