Radiation protection series publications

Radiation protection series publications

The European Commission has issued publications on radiation protection since 1976. They can be found below with their Radiation Publication Series (RP) number.

184: EU Scientific Seminar 2015 on Risk communication

183: EU Scientific Seminar 2014 on Fukushima – Lessons learned and issues

182: EU Scientific Seminar 2013 - Radiation induced long-term health effects after medical exposure

181: General guidelines on risk management in external beam radiotherapy Technical supplement

180: Medical Radiation Exposure of the European Population (Part 1) - Diagnostic Reference Levels in Thirty-six European Countries (Part 2)

179: Study on the current status of radioactive sources in the EU, on the origin and consequences of loss of control over radioactive sources and on successful strategies concerning the detection and recovery of orphan sources

178: Referral Guidelines for Medical Imaging - Availability and Use in the European Union - Appendices

177: EU Scientific Seminar 2012 - Protection of the Environment

176: Implied doses to the population of the EU arising from reported discharges from EU nuclear power stations and reprocessing sites in the years 2004 to 2008

175: Guidelines on Radiation Protection Education and Training of Medical Professionals in the European Union   Corrigendum

174: European Guidelines on Medical Physics Expert   - Annex 1   - Annex 2   Corrigendum

173: Comparison of Codes Assessing Radiation Exposure of Aircraft Crew due to Galactic Cosmic Radiation

172: Cone beam CT for dental and maxillofacial radiology - Evidence based guidelines

171: EU Scientific Seminar 2011 - Individual radiosensitivity

170: Recent scientific findings and publications on the health effects of Chernobyl

67: Radiation and Radiation Protection - A course for primary and secondary schools

168: EU Scientific Seminar 2010 - Issues with internal emitters

167: International Symposium on Non‑medical Imaging Exposures

166: Evaluation of the Operational Implementation of the Outside Workers Directive

165: Medical Effectiveness of Iodine Prophylaxis in a Nuclear Reactor Emergency Situation and Overview of European Practices

164: Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Stations and Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Sites in the European Union, 2004 - 2008   Corrigendum

163: EU Scientific Seminar 2009 - Childhood Leukaemia - Mechanisms and Causes

162: Criteria for Acceptability of Medical Radiological Equipment used in Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy

160: Technical Recommendations for Monitoring Individuals Occupationally Exposed to External Radiation

159: European Commission Guidelines on Clinical Audit

158: EU Scientific Seminar 2008 - Emerging evidence for radiation induced circulatory diseases

157: Comparative Study of EC and IAEA Guidance on Exemption and Clearance Levels

156: Evaluation of the implementation of radiation protection measures for aircrew

154: European Guidance on Estimating Population Doses from Medical X-Ray Procedures and annexes

153: Implied doses to the population of the EU arising from reported discharges from EU nuclear power stations and reprocessing sites in the years 1997 to 2004

152: EU Scientific Seminar 2007 - Emerging issues on tritium and low energy beta emitters

151: EU Scientific Seminar 2005 - Alpha-Emitters: Reliability of Assessment of Risk for Radiation Protection

150: EU Scientific Seminar 2004 - A Critical Review of the Draft 2005 ICRP Recommendations

149: EU Scientific Seminar 2003, Medical Overexposures

147: Guidelines for the Regulatory Control of Consumer Products Containing Radioactive Substances in the European Union

146: A Review of Consumer Products Containing Radioactive Substances in the European Union

145: EU Scientific Seminar 2006 - New Insights in Radiation Risk and Basic Safety Standards

144: Guidance on the calculation, presentation and use of collective doses for routine discharges

143: Radioactive effluents from nuclear power stations and nuclear fuel reprocessing sites in the European Union, 1999 - 2003

140: Cosmic radiation exposure of aircraft crew

139: A review of consumer products containing radioactive substances in the European Union

138 : Proceedings of the Stakeholders’ Conference

136: European Guidelines on Radiation Protection in Dental Radiology

135: Effluent and dose control from European Union NORM industries: Assessment of current situation and proposal for a harmonised Community approach
Volume 1: Main Report   - Volume 2: Appendices

134: Evaluation of the application, of the concepts of exemption and clearance for practices according to title III of Council Directive 96/29/Euratom of 13 May 1996 in EU Member States
Volume 1: Main Report   - Volume 2: Appendices

133: The status of the radiation protection expert in the EU Member States and applicant countries

132: MARINA II - Update of the MARINA Project on the radiological exposure of the European Community from radioactivity in North European marine waters

131: Effects of in utero exposure to ionising radiation during the early phases of pregnancy

130: Medico-legal exposures, exposures with ionising radiation without medical indication Proceedings of the International Symposium, Dublin, 4-6 September 2002

129: Guidance on the realistic assessment of radiation doses to members of the public due to the operation of nuclear installations under normal conditions

128: Assessment of the Radiological Impact on the Population of the European Union of Discharges from European Union Nuclear Sites between 1987 and 1996

127: Radioactive effluents from nuclear power stations and nuclear fuel reprocessing plants in the European Union, 1995 - 1999

125: Low Dose Ionizing Radiation and Cancer Risk

124: Radiological considerations with regard to the remediation of areas affected by lasting radiation exposure as a result of a past or old practice or work activity

123: Genetic Susceptibility And New Evolutions On Genetic Risk

122: Practical Use of the Concepts of Clearance and Exemption
Part I: Guidance on General Clearance Levels for Practices
Part II: Application of the Concepts of Exemption and Clearance to Natural Radiation Sources

121: Thyroid diseases and exposure to ionising radiation: Lessons learned following the Chernobyl accident

119: Multimedia and Audio-visual Radiation Protection Training in Interventional Radiology

117: Methodology and models used to calculate individual and collective doses from the recycling of metals from the dismantling of nuclear installations

116: Guidelines on education and training in radiation protection for medical exposures

115: Investigation of a possible basis for a common approach with regard to the restoration of areas affected by lasting radiation exposure as a result of past or old practice or work activity - CARE

114: Definition of Clearance Levels for the Release of Radioactively Contaminated Buildings and Building Rubble

113: Recommended radiological protection criteria for the clearance of buildings and building rubble from the dismantling of nuclear in-stallations

112: Radiological Protection Principles concerning the Natural Radioactivity of Building Materials

109: Guidance on diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for medical exposures

106: Technical Recommendations on Measurements of External Environmental Gamma Radiation Doses

105: EU Food Restriction Criteria for Application after an Accident

102: Proceedings of the workshop "Implementation of the Medical Exposure Directive (97/43/EURATOM)" - Madrid on 27 April 1998

101: Basis for the definition of surface contamination clearance levels for the recycling or reuse of metals arising from the dismantling of nuclear installations

100: Guidance for protection of unborn children and infants irradiated due to parental medical exposures

99: Guidance on medical exposures in medical and biomedical research

98: Proceedings of the Scientific Seminar "Radiation Protection in relation to Radon" held in Luxembourg on 3 November 1997

97: Radiation Protection following Iodine-131 therapy (exposures due to out-patients or discharged in-patients)

95: Reference levels for workplaces processing materials with enhanced levels of naturally occuring radionuclides

91: Criteria for acceptability of radiological (including radiotherapy) and nuclear medicine installations Luxembourg 1997

89: Recommended Radiological Protection Criteria for the Recycling of Metals from the Dismantling of Nuclear Installations

88: Recommendations for the implementation of Title VII of the European Basic Safety Standards Directive (BSS) concerning significant increase in exposure due to natural radiation sources

73: Technical Recommendations for monitoring individuals occupationally exposed to ionising radiation

65: Principles and Methods for Establishing Concentrations and Quantities (Exemption values) below which Reporting is not Required in the European Directive

53: Seminar on Comparative Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Radionuclides Released during Three Major Nuclear Accidents: Kyshtym, Windscale, Chernobyl – Volume 1