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Light bulb selector

Use the tool below to select the energy-saving bulb you need to replace your old-style bulb.



1. Select your parameters – in the green upper half of the selector, drag the light bulbs to the desired criteria. Click the grey light bulbs if you wish to search for the corresponding criteria.

2. View the results – in the lower half.

What do the results show?

Three bulb photos on the left show which bulbs meet your needs (red text means no bulb of that type matches your criteria).

Rest your mouse pointer on a bulb photo, and the results screen will display:

  • top right – the lumen output ( = bulb brightness) to look for. Use this instead of watts
  • centre – sample photos of bulbs of that type
  • centre, bottom – other details you need to know before buying
  • right – the performance you can expect from that bulb type.

Some items in the results screen will display extra information when you roll over them with your mouse.

3. Print button (bottom right) – to take the results with you to the shop.

WARNING – always follow the safety and compatibility instructions provided with lamps and fittings.


Certain compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs displayed under Results may not yet be available in shops. For example, no existing LED bulbs can replace incandescent bulbs > 60W. But as technologies evolve, the range of available bulbs should expand rapidly. For details, ask your retailer.