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How to choose the right bulb

You will find here guidance on selecting the appropriate lamp type for your luminaires.

  • If you need to replace a bulb with either of the two fittings shown here (Edison or Bayonet), use this light bulb selector to find the best energy efficient alternative for your lamp and print the result for reference in the shop. These alternatives are suitable also for antique luminaires.

Chandelier with candle-shaped compact fluorescent bulbs

Edison cap and Bayonet cap

  • Thanks to EU legislation, the inefficient pin-based capsules and linear lamps are also being phased out. However, the more efficient bulbs look and work exactly the same. The effect of the measure will be made clear through the new product information on the packaging, and on your electricity bills. Nevertheless, if you use halogen lamps, you might consider replacing the luminaires in your house and switch to even more energy efficient lamps such as compact fluorescent lamps.

Halogen capsule (with pin cap)  Linear halogen lamp & linear fluorescent lamp


Reflector lamp

  • Reflector lamps project light in one specific direction. These lamps are not yet affected by EU legislation. New energy efficiency requirements are expected to be adopted in late 2010 or 2011. Until then, consumers can buy the same products as before.

Oven or fridge lamp

  • Special purpose bulbs include infrared bulbs, pet-care bulbs, or bulbs used in domestic appliances such as ovens or fridges. These bulbs will remain available in shops. When buying such lamps, look for their special purpose characteristics on the packaging.

White 5w incandescent bulb for christmas tree & coloured incandescent bulb

  • Some bulbs are unsuitable for household room illumination, such as coloured lamps, ultraviolet lamps or very strong or very weak lamps. These bulbs are unaffected by the measure and will remain available in shops.