LED bulbs

Known mostly as indicator lamps in electronic equipment, LEDs are also increasingly being used for household lighting.


LEDs – which stands for light-emitting diode – are a fast emerging technology. Their efficacy as a lighting tool is on par with that of compact fluorescent lamps – and they last even longer.

Frosted pear-shaped compact LED bulb on/off


Frosted pear-shaped compact LED bulb in lamp shade

LED bulbs for room illumination are new products on the market, but they are already an effective replacement for both clear and non-clear incandescent light bulbs of wattages up to 60. They are likely to become alternatives to the full range of lamps in the near future.


Frosted candle-shaped compact LED bulb in chandelier


LEDs use 80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.

When buying LED bulbs, make sure you select the appropriate replacement for your incandescent bulbs by looking at these pages.

If your LED bulb ceases to function, please observe the following advice when disposing it.

LED bulbs do not contain mercury.

Frosted candle-shaped compact LED bulb on/off


Transparent compact LED bulb in decorative lamp shade

Transparent decorative compact LED bulb on/off