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C-class halogen bulbs / improved incandescent bulbs

Conventional mains voltage halogen lamps do not fulfil the new energy efficiency requirements for household lamps (low-voltage lamps do). But alternative products are already on the market, consumers can choose from two types of halogen lamps with xenon gas filling.


When filled with xenon-gas, halogen lamps use about 20 to 25 % less energy for the same light output compared to the best conventional incandescent bulbs. They exist in two versions:

Pear-shaped C-class improved incandescent bulb (on-off)


Pear-shaped C-class improved incandescent bulb in lamp shade

1. Apart from the xenon-gas filling, the socket and the dimensions of the new generation halogen lamps are the same as for conventional halogens. They can therefore only be used in luminaires with a special halogen socket. These halogen lamps will remain available after 2016 to be used in luminaires which have this kind of special halogen socket.

C-class linear halogen bulb     C-class halogen capsule

2. For improved incandescent bulbs with halogen technology, the improved halogen capsule is placed in glass bulbs shaped like conventional incandescent bulbs with a traditional socket. This makes them one-to-one replacements to conventional incandescent lamps. C-class improved incandescent bulbs are to be further impoved to class B or A from 2016 onwards.


Candle-shaped C-class improved incandescent bulb in chandelier


Both versions provide light of equivalent quality to conventional incandescent bulbs, but with normal use last twice as long (2 years). These lamps are fully compatible in size with existing luminaires and dimmable on any dimmer.

Candle-shaped C-class improved incandescent bulb (on-off)