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Early Warning Mechanism

Following the gas dispute in 2009, the EU and Russia established an Early Warning Mechanism in order to guarantee an early evaluation of potential risks and problems related to energy supply. The mechanism aims also to ensure a rapid reaction in case of an emergency situation or a threat of such a situation.

In case of a significant disruption or physical interruption of supply of natural gas, oil or electricity from the Russian Federation to the European Union, both Partners will assess the situation and elaborate recommendations. If the threat or emergency situation cannot be solved by these assessments, consultations shall to take place within the Expert Working Group on the Early Warning Mechanism. The Expert Group consists of EU and Russian Representatives, including members of the Energy Strategies, Forecasts and Scenarios Group and the Market Developments Group. 

The Early Warning Mechanism also allows to set up a Monitoring Group to examine the circumstances and to objectively record them during an emergency situation. The Monitory Group consists of representatives of both sides as well as representatives of energy companies, of international energy organisations and independent experts.

Updated Early Warning Mechanism

On 24 February 2011, an updated version of EU-Russia Early Warning Mechanism in the field of energy was signed by Commissioner Günther Oettinger and the Russian Minister of Energy, Sergey Shmatko. The updated Early Warning Mechanism provides for joint actions by he Coordinators of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue aimed at overcoming an emergency situation, mitigating its consequences and preventing such situations in the future.