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Groups within the EU-Russia Energy-Dialogue

Thematic Groups

Within the Thematic Groups, experts nominated by the Member States and Russia promote the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue on a daily basis. The experts are representatives of the European industry, IFI's, academic circles and of the Russian Ministry of Energy and the European Commission. Organisational work in each Thematic Group is handled by a Secretariat, which consists of representatives of the European Commission's Directorate-General of Energy and of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Market Developments Group

The Market Developments Group aims to promote trust and transparency in the EU-Russia energy relationship through the exchange of information on current and planned legal, regulatory and policy developments impacting energy markets, trade and investment in the EU and Russia. The group also closely follows important market developments in the EU and Russia, and aims at improving the investment climate for investors. It promotes security and predictability of energy markets in the supply, demand and transit sectors.

Under the Market Developments Group, two additional subgroups have been established: The Subgroup on Investments / Industry-Forum brings together industry representatives from both sides and aims at promoting the dialogue on conditions governing investments in the energy sector as well as barriers to investments, investment incentives and investments scenarios.

The Subgroup on Infrastructure discusses infrastructure related issues. This subgroup is also supposed to update the list of common priority infrastructure projects.

Energy Efficiency Group

The objective of the Energy Efficiency Group is to exchange information on legislative and regulatory frameworks, sharing the experiences, knowledge and cooperation on projects in energy efficiency, energy savings, renewable energy sources, gas flaring, and the implementation of the EU – Russia Energy Efficiency Action Plan. The work of the Thematic Group is supported by joint seminars, workshops, consultations and EU-Russia joint projects.