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On the occasion of the sixth EU-Russia Summit (30th October 2000, Paris), it was agreed to institute an energy dialogue on a regular basis between the EU and Russia to enable progress to be made in the definition and arrangements for an EU-Russia Energy Partnership.

As noted in the Joint Declaration adopted at this Summit, the energy partnership "will provide an opportunity to raise all the questions of common interest relating to the sector, including the introduction of co-operation on energy saving, rationalisation of production and transport infrastructures, European investment possibilities, and relations between producer and consumer countries. The planned ratification of the Energy Charter Treaty by Russia and the improvement of the investment climate will be important aspects in this context".

Meeting of the Coordinators of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue, 16 November 2009, Moscow

Tenth progress report, November 2009 pdf - 4 MB [4 MB] All available translations.