Finalising your grant agreement

Once a proposal is recommended for funding, project consortia are invited for the finalisation phase. In this phase, the EASME will clarify with the project team the detailed technical and financial aspects of the proposal based on the conclusions of the evaluation. This typically takes two to three months.

What you need to know

The grant agreement is signed by the EASME on behalf of the European Commission and by the project coordinator on behalf of all beneficiaries; it is a standard document that cannot be modified. Other services within the European Commission are consulted in order to make sure that the action in question is not already financed by the EU.

The grant agreement sets out the terms of the agreement and details of the project. Two main documents - which form an integral part of the agreement - : the description of the action (Annex I) and the estimated budget of the action (Annex II).

During the finalisation phase, these documents are finalised on the basis of the comments made by the evaluation committee. All details are listed including amounts, duration, roles and responsibilities of each participant, payment arrangements, reporting conditions, and so on.

Model grant agreement Call 2013

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