Financial guidance for IEE projects

Practical advice is provided to guide and help you to understand and interpret the financial provisions of the IEE Grant Agreement (GA).

The documents below should be used as a tool to clarify the provisions of the grant agreement, and should be read in connection with it.

Financial guidelines

Questions related to the financial reports should be addressed to the Financial Officer assigned to your project, with your Project Officer in copy.

Financial reporting for IEE projects

Financial statements and how to submit them

To declare the costs of your Intelligent Energy - Europe activities please use the following forms (in your grant agreement these are referred to as 'financial statement') and submit them to the following e-mail address: Please also post one original paper version + 1 paper copy to the address mentioned under Art I.8 of your grant agreement (or I.9 in case of Agencies).

In case the report cannot be considered admissible because some items/documents are missing, the coordinator will have 20 calendar days to submit the missing items/documents. EASME will have 90 days to approve or reject the report and to pay, not including those days necessary for the coordinator to deliver the missing items/documents.

Admissibility of financial statements:

Financial statement related to projects

Intelligent Energy - Europe II 2007 - 2013:

Financial statement related to energy agencies

Under Intelligent Energy - Europe I programme (2003-2006) your grant agreement number is: EIE/TYPE2/07/XXX.

Under Intelligent Energy - Europe II 2007 – 2013 your grant agreement number is: IEE/07/agencies/XXX… or IEE/08/agencies/XXX.


Only the hours worked on the project can be considered as eligible costs under your grant agreement. Working time must be recorded throughout the duration of the project using timesheets, adequately supported by evidence of their reality and reliability. Employees have to record their time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis using a paper or a computer-based system. The time-records have to be authorised by the project manager or other superior. Certain types of personnel (such as administrative or support personnel) are considered as indirect costs, the costs of these personnel cannot be charged as direct eligible costs.

Timesheets to record working hours must meet at least the basic requirements indicated below:

- Full name of beneficiary as indicated in the grant agreement;
- Full name and signature of the employee directly contributing to IEE project;
- Project number must be indicated;
- Periodicity of filling in (for instance on daily, weekly, monthly basis) according to the beneficiary's normal practice;
- Amount of hours claimed on the IEE project. All hours claimed must be able to be verified in a reliable manner;
- This timesheet shall not only record the time spent on a specific project, but shall reconcile the total working time of one person on a daily basis (e.g. 8 hours per day).
- The timesheets must be reconcilable with the absences for holidays, illness, travels or others.
- Full name and a signature of a supervisor (person in charge of the project).

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