Amendments and budget transfer for IEE projects

Amendments => what, when & how?


Amendments are used in order to modify the grant agreement and its annexes as long as it doesn't call into question the award decision or result in unequal treatment of applicants. The different kind of possible amendments are listed in the modification form.


Amendments can be requested at any time during the lifetime of the project but at the latest 30 days before the closing date of the action (cfr Art. II.13 of the GA).


The coordinator, in agreement with the co-beneficiaries, makes the request for amendment to the Agency, by using the "modification form excel8book - 80 KB [80 KB] ". A request for amendment needs to be sent by mail to the Agency containing all the necessary supporting documents depending on the requested changes (see document tab in the modification form).
Before making a request for amendment, it is recommended to consult the Project Advisor to discuss any modifications to the grant agreement.

Budget transfers < or > than 20%

Budget transfers below or equal to 20% of the total eligible costs of a given beneficiary.

At the end of the project, a beneficiary might need to shift some budget in order to cover his expenses, therefore a budget shift/transfer is allowed up to 20% of the total eligible costs. This shift/transfer may not have an impact on the implementation of the action and it may not involve tasks to be subcontracted while this was not foreseen (in this case prior approval of the Agency is required as well as an amendment to the grant agreement). In the case of a transfer between beneficiaries, the 20% are calculated on the budget of the recipient beneficiary.


At the final report stage.


By using the consolidated financial statement excel8book - 186 KB [186 KB] , the coordinator might transfer budget between cost categories and beneficiaries. The consolidated financial statement has to be dated and signed by the coordinator and has to be send to the Agency together with the final report.
Budget transfers above 20% of the total eligible costs of a given beneficiary.


The request has to be done at the latest 30 days before the end of the action (cfr. Art. II.13 of the GA).


With an amendment request and an updated estimated budget of the action (Annex II) (cfr. Amendments section).

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