Amendments and budget transfer

During the lifetime of a project, grants may need to be amended and budgets transferred. In order to make this easier the EACI has prepared a specific form. This section explains what you must consider if the need arises.

Speeding up the process

In order to amend the grant agreement, the modification form will help you with the amendment request. This form contains two parts: one part that needs to be completed by the coordinator and a second part listing the documents that need to be submitted together with the modification form.

Budget transfer

As the budget table included in Annex II (Estimated budget of the Action) to the Grant Agreement (GA) is an estimate, the transfer of budget between cost categories and beneficiaries is allowed without the need for an amendment subject to the following specific provisions:

  • it does not exceed 20% of the total eligible costs of a given beneficiary (the recipient beneficiary in the case of transfers between beneficiaries);
  • it does not impact the implementation of the action;
  • it does not involve tasks to be subcontracted while this was not foreseen (in this case a prior approval of EACI is required).

If the above conditions are met, the coordinator shall inform the Agency in writing at the latest at the time of the final report of all budget shifts not exceeding 20% (the shifts should be included in the Consolidated Financial Statement template and should be further explained in the technical report).

Coordinators (and co-beneficiaries via the coordinator) are encouraged, where a transfer with a potential impact on the "Description of Action" arises (most cases), to check this (by e-mail) with the Project Officer of the EACI. This e-mail will avoid misunderstandings later. An amendment to the grant agreement will be necessary in all cases if the budget transfer arises from a significant change, which means change(s) that affect(s) the technical work as foreseen in Annex I to the grant agreement.

Subcontracting of a task that was initially not foreseen or meant to be carried out by a beneficiary should in any case receive prior approval of EACI. In case of doubt, it is recommended to consult the responsible Project Officer.

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