IEE contributes to the Commission's Urban Mobility Package

The European Commission just released a new Urban Mobility Package that reinforces its supporting measures for more sustainable and efficient transport systems in urban areas. The package capitalises on several projects and initiatives funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme.

The new strategy supports in particular the development and promotion of sustainable urban mobility planning, by creating an Urban Mobility Observatory, building on the success of the Eltis and Mobility Plans portals.

The European Commission also plans to set up a European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. It will support the further development of the concepts for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and the tools that are required for its successful application by local planning authorities. EU supported activities in this area will be coordinated, including some IEE projects such as ENDURANCE , QUEST , ADVANCE and EcoMobility SHIFT .

New Guidelines on the development and implementation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan published in December 2013 are also a key element of the new strategy. These Guidelines were developed as part of an IEE funded service contract.

Finally, the European Commission commits to facilitate the procurement of clean vehicles used for urban logistics by reviewing the scope of the IEE-funded Clean Vehicle Portal .

The Intelligent Energy Europe programme is proud to be able to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in European cities.

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