Energy performance contracting in the European Union

Improve your know-how on Energy Performance Contracting by accessing the various training materials, handbooks, tools, model contracts or tender documents developed under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme and other initiatives.





Business model

Chapter 5: Advanced EPC EESI 2011 Training material
How to combine EPC and subsidies (developed in Czech Republic) EESI 2011 Model contract
Integrated Energy Contracting (Developed in Austria) EESI 2011 Model contract
Integrating Energy Management in comprehensive Facility Management Service tenders Eurocontract 2006 Handbook
Strategic product development for the Energy Efficiency Service market
This guideline from the ChangeBest IEE project aims at helping energy services suppliers develop marketable and profitable energy efficiency services (EES as defined in EN 15900:2010).
ChangeBest 2011 Handbook

EPC procurement

Chapter 2: EPC implementation process, Preparation phases and Analysis and tender EESI 2011 Training material
EPC in Social Housing: EU handbook Fresh 2012 Handbook
EPC model contract from the EUROCONTRACT project Eurocontract 2006 Model contract
EPC model contract street lighting - without metering energy consumption
Guaranteed Energy Saving Street Lighting contract - without metering energy consumption
Eurocontract 2006 Model contract
EPC model contract streetlighting - with metering energy consumption Eurocontract 2006 Model contract
EPC project development models
Training on EPC project development
Eurocontract 2006 Training material
Functional tender (versus tendering detailed services) for EPC projects
Training on tender procedures for public authorities
Eurocontract 2008 Training material
Handbook for innovative financing schemes for street lighting ESOLi 2011 Handbook
How to prepare an EPC tender?
Guide for EPC tender preparation
EESI 2011 Handbook
What should be in an EPC contract? EESI 2011 Model contract
Role of EPC Facilitators
This paper explains how EPC Facilitators, who mostly act on behalf of a client, can play an important andenabling role in the implementation of EPC contracts.
IEA Task XVI 2013 Handbook


Chapter 4: EPC financial concepts, limits, interests and recommendations EESI 2011 Training material
Comparison and evaluation of financing options for Energy Performance Contracting Projects Eurocontract 2006 Handbook
EPC financial simulation tool Fresh 2011 Excel tool
EPC financial simulation tool explanation
The guide helps the tool users to set up their simulation.
Fresh 2011 Handbook
EPC in Social Housing: the legal and financial barriers
Legal and Financial syntesis of EPC in Social Housing
Fresh 2012 Handbook
Standard EPC Documents - Financing EESI 2011 Handbook

General overview

Analysing the Saving Potentials and Defining the Targets
Training on saving potential analysis
Eurocontract 2008 Training material
Chapter 1: Context and definitions EESI 2011 Training material
EPC Risks and Risk Management general
Training on risk management in an EPC project
Eurocontract 2008 Training material

Market actors

EFIEES - European Federation of Intelligent Energy Efficiency Services 2013 Website
eu.ESCO - the European Association of Energy Service Companies 2013 Website

Market analysis

Analysis of the Energy Efficiency market in the countries involved in the PERMANENT project Permanent 2010 Handbook
Analysis of the potential market volume for energy services ChangeBest 2011 Handbook
BIOSOLESCO - Synthesis report on ESCo definitions, approaches, drivers, success factors and hurdles BIOSOLESCO 2010 Handbook
Economic incentives and barriers for EES and the relation between Energy companies and ESCOs ChangeBest 2010 Handbook
Energy Service Companies Market in Europe JRC 2010 Handbook
Status and development of the energy efficiency service business in 18 EU countries ChangeBest 2011 Handbook
Survey on Social Housing in Europe Fresh 2010 Handbook

Policy recommendation

Accelerating the development of the energy efficiency service markets in the EU ChangeBest 2012 Handbook
Aggregated Position Paper on Energy Performance Contracting EESI 2012 Handbook
Analysis of policy mix and their impact on EES market ChangeBest 2011 Handbook
How to boost EPC development in the Social Housing sector? Fresh 2012 Handbook

Monitoring and verification

Chapter 3: EPC implementation process – Contract, installation and measurement EESI 2011 Training material
EPC: baseline adaption Eurocontract 2008 Training material
EPC: data collection and baseline creation Eurocontract 2008 Training material
How to define the Energy Costs baseline? EESI 2011 Handbook

Quality certification

A common European model to guarantee the perception of quality in green energy services

Prometheus 2012 Handbook
Certification, qualification schemes and networks for ESCOs Eurocontract 2007 Training material
Quality assurance instruments (QAI) for energy services Eurocontract 2006 Handbook

EPC for streetlighting

Guide on EPC for streetlighting  [available in English, CZ, DE, ES, MA, PL, SE, SL] IEE project Streetlight-EPC 2015
Checklist on EPC for streetlighting  [available in English, CZ, DE, ES, MA, PL, SE, SL] IEE project Streetlight-EPC 2015
FAQs on EPC for streetlighting  [available in English, CZ, DE, ES, MA, PL, SE, SL] IEE project Streetlight-EPC 2015
Regional Helpdesks facilitating EPC for streetlighting IEE project Streetlight-EPC 2015

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