Energy performance contracting in Czech Republic

Improve your know-how on Energy Performance Contracting by accessing the various training materials, handbooks, tools, model contracts or tender documents developed under the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme and other initiatives.





EPC procurement

Příručka inovativních metod financování veřejného osvětlení
Handbook for innovative financing schemes for street lighting
2011 Handbook
Smlouva pro EPC
EPC model contract in CZ
EESI 2011 Model contract
Zadávací dokumentace pro projekty EPC - Principy
EPC tender document in CZ - principles
EESI 2011 Tenders document
EPC tender document in CZ EESI 2011 Tenders document


“EPC plus” Kombinace EPC a dotace
The combination of EPC and subsidies
EESI 2011 Handbook

Energetické služby v praxi:Kombinace finančních zdrojů pro projekty energetických úspor v ČR
EPC Training module N°4: financing

EESI 2011 Training material

General overview

Energetické služby v praxiPředstavení EPC
EPC Training module N°1: Introduction
EESI 2011 Training material

Market actors

ESCO association in Czech Republic
2013 Website

Market analysis

Analysis of the Energy Efficiency market in Czech Republic Permanent 2010 Handbook
Framework Conditions for Energy Performance Contracting in CZ EESI 2009 Handbook
Framework Conditions for Energy Performance Contracting in Czech Republic Permanent 2010 Handbook
National Report on the Energy Efficiency Service Business in CZ ChangeBest 2010 Handbook
Stakeholder views on EPC development in CZ, HR and DK based on Managenergy events ManagEnergy 2013 Report

Monitoring and verification

IPMVP and IEEFP introduction courses in Czech Republic Permanent 2010 Training material
Stanovení referenční spotřeby energie
Guide to define the baseline of an EPC contract
EESI 2011 Handbook

Policy recommendation

Doporučení pro rozvoj EPC Česká republika
National policy recommendations for the development of the EPC market in CZ
EESI 2012 Handbook

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