Financing streams

The Intelligent Energy – Europe programme (IEE) funds three different types of activities: projects pioneering sustainable energy ideas in practice; products and services procured to meet the needs of the European Commission and/or the EACI; and the project development assistance facilities to mobilise funds for investments in sustainable energy at local level. Money is available through each of these different financing streams, although the majority of the budget is given over to funding projects. €730 million is available from 2007-2013.

Three financing streams

  • Funding projects. The majority of the programme's budget goes to funding projects across the EU that support and promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. Funds can be used to cover up to 75% of the project's costs. Applicants have to respond to a call for proposals setting out their project idea and plan. Calls are published annually. The eligibility, selection and award criteria are set out clearly in the call documents. Find out more about how to apply.
  • Project development assistance (PDA) facilities for public authorities, public bodies and financial institutions. MLEI-PDA, EIB-ELENA, KfW-ELENA, CEB-ELENA, EBRD-ELENA support the preparation of and mobilisation of financing for bankable sustainable energy projects. The PDA facilities cover a share of the cost for technical support that is necessary to prepare, implement and finance the investment programme, such as feasibility and market studies, structuring of programmes, business plans, energy audits, preparation for tendering procedures. Find out more about PDA facilities.
  • Procurement of products and services. Procurement is used to obtain any studies and services the European Commission or the EACI need to achieve the objectives underlying the IEE Programme. The EACI subcontracts services to private companies and organisations via calls for tender. The services required and the criteria for applicants are detailed in each call for tender. Find out more about IEE calls for tender issued by the EACI or the European Commission.

What does a successful proposal look like?

All applications need to meet strict criteria to be successful. These criteria are laid out in the official documents related to each activity - call for proposals for projects, calls for tender for services and specific requirements of each PDA facility. Read the documents carefully, make sure your application meets the requirements and respect the indicated deadlines.
Considering applying for funding for a project? Find out more about how to improve your chances of success.

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