Tips for success

To receive funding there are a number of criteria a project needs to meet. Applicants will need to show that their project will have a significant impact in terms of energy saving and renewable energy production, delivering in one or more of the following fields:

  • Enabling policies and strategies
  • Market transformation
  • Changing behaviour
  • Mobilising investments
  • Building skills and capacities

Drafting a winning proposal

You'll need to take on board a number of elements when applying for funding. The call documents will provide you with all the information you need. In addition, here are some useful tips for a successful application:

Do not miss the 'musts': eligibility & selection criteria

  • respect the deadlines
  • only on-line application by the deadline indicated in the Call
  • the proposal must be complete
  • minimum 3 independent partners from 3 different eligible countries
  • proposers must prove their financial & technical capacity to carry out the action

The essence of a successful application

  • focus on the priorities of the specific annual call
  • the competition is strong: be ambitious
  • start early - a proposal needs time and evolution
  • project objective and target groups should be well-defined
  • performance indicators must be suitable to monitor success
  • allocate sufficient resources and professional skills for communicating your results
  • the consortium should be fit for purpose, each partner with a clear and justified role
  • the budget should be realistic and based on a bottom-up approach
  • 'hardware' investments or research and technological development projects are not eligible
  • co-financing should be transparent and well explained
  • regarding geographical outreach, appropriate focus is the key
  • transferability: demonstrate that public money is well invested in your project - show how more users can take up your results!

And remember:

  • the proposal should be easy to read, clear and comprehensive
  • evaluators have 2-3 hours to read your proposal

Don't let the procedure daunt you, be ambitious! Europe needs more energy efficiency, more renewables, and better transport and mobility, we need your ideas. Over 3 000 organisations have already benefitted from IEE funding, many of these are SMEs, you could be next!

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